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5 Hostels in Northeast Brazil - Explore See Destination Guide

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The beauties of the Northeast enchant thousands of tourists every year. Being the main economic activity of this Brazilian region, tourism in the northeast is growing and growing more and more.

The Hostelling International could not these out of the northeast region as sought by hostellers worldwide. Present in the main cities as Salvador, Fortaleza, São Luis, João Pessoa, Recife and Natal.

In addition to several wonderful beaches such as Pipa and Jericoacoara , Unesco heritage cities like Olinda , Porto Seguro and beautiful natural areas such as Lençóis , in the Chapada da Diamantina.

The Carnival in the northeast is an unforgettable experience! That's why all HI Youth Hostels in the Northeast have all the preparation to welcome you and help you enjoy the excitement of the carnival! Remember that the greatest attractions of many cities are its natural landscapes, such as pristine beaches and natural areas such as a rich fauna and flora. So when visiting the Northeastern Region of Brazil, remember to be a conscious host and help Hostelling International to make a more sustainable tourism.

The gastronomy in the Northeast region is very own and characteristic, with ingredients that are only found in this area of Brazil. Take care with the peppers, the Northeastern foods are always well seasoned and very tasty! In the majority of hostels in the northeast, the breakfast counts on delicious fruits and cakes typical of the region.

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