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8 Hostels in Southeast Brazil - Explore See Destination Guide

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The Southeast region is formed by the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo . It is notorious for having the largest and most populous city of the country, Sao Paulo , as well as the "marvelous city" of Rio de Janeiro , beautiful Belo Horizonte and the lively Espírito Santo . All are great metropolis, important urban centers, political, financial and artistic. In the main destinations of the Southeast there is a youth hostel - HI Hostel waiting for you!

São Paulo is a paradise where "everything is possible", where everything is found, whether it be something or people. The capital of São Paulo is cosmopolitan and pulsating with all its tribes and all its styles . Following the state of the same name is the beautiful São Paulo coast, which has more or less urbanized beaches, all rich in nature . Besides the beaches, the trails, the waterfalls, the rivers and the mountains, the tourist can be sure to find a good part of the Brazilian history there. Just think of the city of São Vicente , the first village officially founded in South America.

But the Rio de Janeiro also has this cosmopolitan character of Sampa, mixed with the stunning landscape formed by mountains, hills, lakes and the ocean blue. The climate of Rio de Janeiro is sunny and warm like Rio's. It is no wonder that many consider Rio de Janeiro to be the happiest city in the world. Rio is trendy and well frequented , beloved nook of various artists and celebrities. The beaches of the state of Rio de Janeiro are also trendy, full of beautiful people and leisure activities . The mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro comprises cities of beautiful landscapes that were formed by different ethnic groups and to this day keeps their traditions alive.

Belo Horizonte is a well planned, welcoming and important city for the history of Brazil . In fact, important to tell our feats of the past is the entire state of Minas Gerais, which preserves relics and special attractions in the cities of the Circuito do Ouro, Estrada Real, in its mountains and in its hydromineral instances. The Minas Gerais cuisine is one of the most famous in Brazil, capable of conquering all palates.

The cuisine of the Holy Spirit brings together seafood delicacies, since the state is coastal, with a hot climate and its capital Vitoria is on an island. Activities ecotourism and nautical are a good thing the state, which has an extensive coastline appealing to families, young people, surfers and other sportsmen.

Although it concentrates a great urbanization and, in this sense, it has scarce vegetation in comparison with other regions of Brazil, the Southeast concentrates great natural beauties and diverse units of conservation


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